Silent Twilight in the Kitchen

At the moment of the exhibition, I was spending more time at home than maybe ever before. I have made several of the works on view at the kitchen table. The name of the exhibition, Silent Twilight in the Kitchen (Keittiön hiljainen hämärä) is borrowed from Noitalinna Huraa!‘s song Kaikki valot, lyrics by Sari Peltoniemi.

Silent Twilight in the Kitchen sounds restful and commonplace, but also suspicious. The order and balance of mind and home are threatened by strange thoughts which may be developing in the twilight. Small things lurking and swelling to reach strange dimensions, fears hiding in the corners. Thoughts are broken and interrupted.

I’m attending to details, like the hairs falling down everywhere. I’m observing objects drifting in the rooms and how they end up on tables and on window sills, forming compositions which haven’t been arranged by anyone. A baby’s toy, a beer bottle and a Super 8 film reel have ended up together. A bread bag which has been forgotten on the table has solidified into a theatrical posture. The objects are narrating with their speechless language about the people who they are living with.

A daily rhythm arises from the routines. Yet, the events of the day which I believe to know, are showing themselves as endlessly different and interesting variations. Home appears as a miniature world with its own prevailing laws and peculiarities.

Elina Katara